The gold-based WCG is an innovative concept, a unique idea, and a new philosophy. World Coin is re-inventing the way consumers and home-based business owners communicate and do business. This innovative program offers countless benefits, as well as a means to dramatically improve a person’s financial position through part-time or full-time efforts, and a modest financial commitment. The potential is momentous.

The primary goal of the training program at World Coin is to help train and educate individuals who are interested in gold-based assets. Our training will help guide those who choose to explore this dynamic market on a step-by-step basis, making sure that they will be well prepared and familiar with the business model, techniques, and tools before venturing into the coin market. Those whom undertake our training program will quickly learn how to use coin trading tools, helping them to understand the market and raising their confidence before opening a trading account. We aim to provide our clients with fast, easy, straightforward, and user-friendly access to the gold market. Our website has been carefully designed to help individuals who want to know all about trading with the prospects of achieving success.

(5-6% Monthly)
(10% Each Sales)
(10% of Total Income)
(10% Each Pair)
Returns on Gold Investment Plans (ROI)

With as little as $100 you are guaranteed to receive an ROI (Return on Investments) due to the 5-10% rise of gold monthly, our ROI payout is the highest in the world. Depending on the international price of gold, you get a guaranteed ROI from WorldCoin from physical gold investment.

Investment Plan Amount Daily ROI
SAPPHIRE (2g) US$ 100 $0.25
SILVER (4g) US$ 200 $0.50
SILVER PLUS (6g) US$ 300 $0.75
GOLD (10g) US$ 500 $1.20
PLATINUM (20g) US$ 1000 $2.70
PLATINUM PLUS (40g) US$ 2000 $5.40
RUBY (60g) US$ 3000 $9.00
DIAMOND (100g) US$ 5000 $16.00
WHITE DIAMOND (200g) US$ 10000 $40.00

Investors who wish to invest with us will have a variety of packages to choose from; ranging from a minimum investment of $50 (1g) to a maximum amount of $10000 (200g) to earn Daily ROI and also referral commission by introducing more investors.