Despite walking and talking like traditional stocks, ICOs have so far largely avoided serious scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commissions, Government regulations, the federal agencies that regulate investment markets. Many blockchain startups are international and anonymous, even domains owners are hidden—which can place them out of the SEC’s purview. That lack of oversight is another reason so many scams proliferate. In any Law or country it’s not legal and its 100% scam, it’s not listed in any Exchange market, not available in many countries financial markets. facebook announced in a blog post that it was banning cryptocurrency advertising from the platform entirely. The company said that many ads for cryptocurrency investment opportunities, like initial coin offerings, were “not currently operating in good faith.”

The Cryptocurrency World, with its volatility, is all about FUD—fear, uncertainty, doubt. And nothing is generating more FUD right now than an unusual currency called cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is ripe for scammers because it’s relatively new, backed by tons of hype, and involves complicated technology. It’s easier to dupe someone into investing in your ICO in 2018 than your fake real estate business—and plenty of people have.

A cryptocurrency startup only needs a swanky website and an official-looking white paper. There are also plenty of services to help streamline the process: You can automate your token sale, or have someone write fake news articles hyping up your venture.

At WorldCoin We do not issue any cryptocurrency and we are trading of CryptoCoins on blockchain technology backed by fine gold. We expect our coin to triple on the launch in 2018.

BlockChain was developed back in 2008 to have secure transactions like non-amendable and secure way. Many governments, Banks, and Private Corporations are adopting blockchain technology to improve and secure transaction. Blockchain works on nodes and does not require any server and cannot be hacked or amended by any means.

WorldCoin is selling 999.9 fine investment gold and keeping records in private blockchain by using cryptography. It’s not cryptocurrency, its Cryptocoin and a legal and legitimate business as per trade license.

You can buy from our dealers and retail stores in some countries and also can order from our supply office based in the United Arab Emirates. We also accept all major credit cards etc.

Return on Investment (ROI) is based on purchase of gold and paid daily to your cash wallet. It starts from US$100 investment in to investment Gold. ROI is paid for 24 months only.

We got Tax Free Status in UAE for all foreign trades if we are not doing business locally with UAE residents, so all those registering from their home country are exempted from any Tax. We have removed UAE from the list to maintain Tax Free Status in UAE.

You can upgrade once and within 30 days from registration. Please note that your uplines will not get direct sales commission of this re-sale or upgrade. Rest the new amount will be added to their leg balance for matching bonus.

Only ROI is granted for 24 months but some special accounts like Free, Discounted, Promotional or Pending must make at least ONE SALE equal to half of their own package amount, Like If they have $1000 Package must make $500 Direct Sale in 30 Days. Incase they dont make any sale in 30 days then their account will be "INVESTOR STATUS" which only gets ROI and other comission will be blocked but can again open once a sale is made.We are investment company and only pays comission ONLY to those who continues working **This condition does not apply to fully paid accounts.

No, The company shall not stop Withdrawal of any Paid accounts for any reason, However Free, Promotional, Discounted and unpaid accounts are only given to use option to purchase online and may not be allowed to withdraw cash. The normal 10% discount comes under fully paid accounts but more then 10% is special discount and only to buy eCrads online.