WorldCoin International PLC is a registered organization in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. We are licensed for Investments, Trading in Gold, Direct Marketing (MLM) and Loyalty Program for our international clients. Our mandate is to be the foremost Crypto Coin organization in the world. Our goal is to provide individuals with unmatched opportunity to succeed in the Crypto Market.

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi is a member of Ruling Family of United Arab Emirates and has been on many government posts and also advisor to number multinational companies in the Middle East. His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi joined World Coin as Chairman in 2018 and support the organization business and active in the local market and in the Middle East as a whole. His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi is “name of trust” in the Middle East and Whole the Arab World. His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi welcomes any investor group to meet or industry leaders in Network Marketing around the World.


Mr C.A Juara is swiss national and Looks after Whole EU business, He is Co-Chairman for the Europe and North America. He has been on senior advisory board on may swiss and EU companies and helped World Coin for setting up the Global Network and also he is doing training for Industry Network Leaders, He often Visit UAE office so Leaders and Investor are welcomed to meet him.


Mr.Hadi Rustam Kamal is UAE national and have been working for many government departments and after retirement Join World Coin as Chief Coordinator. He got his basic Education from Dubai and Fluent in Persian, English and Hindi Language along with Mother tongue Arabic.

Chief Co-ordinator

Mr. Venkat Yellaula is Indian origin U.S Citizen lives in New Jersey, seasoned Talent Acquisition Professional in Information Technology with two decades of experience. Started his career as TA in Singapore in the year 1998, held various roles in Global Staffing and IT Services firms including RCG, Experis, LTI etc. He helped to design WorldCoin blockchain and Network marketing system and supports in matters related to the technology.

Director Of Technology

Mr. Akram M Al Abbasi is the public relation officer and looking after marketing department of the World Coin Ltd, He has done his masters in Marketing and Public Relation in 1995 and started his carrier in United States.
He has vast knowledge of Network marketing and good relation with industry leaders.His personal network of Leaders extend to more then 50 countries.

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Gleaning large profits in Gold trading was an exclusive business occupied by large banks, big corporations and the wealthy individuals. In this fast-moving industry, now Crypto Coin trading is available to a mainstream audience by means of small investment through free demonstrations and affordable training courses. World Coin is not only maintaining accounts to trade in today’s Crypto Coin market, but also provide training and support to gain substantial profits. In the process is creating what is the largest community of global Crypto Coin traders.

Since 2007, World Coin Ltd has experienced exponential growth. Although the gold industry offers tremendous potential, there are many unstructured and confusing variables that can easily derail any prospective trader. Today, World Coin’s development teams continue to provide leading-edge Coin Exchange, trading, and storage services to its clients with definitive structure and clarity.