WWorldCoin International is a registered organization in the United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

We are licensed for Investments, Gold Trading, Direct Marketing (MLM), and Loyalty Programs for all our international clientele. Our mandate is to be the leading business network organization in the world. Our goal is to provide individuals with unmatched opportunity to invest in gold-based Crypto-Assets.

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People behind our success

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi


His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Qassimi is a member of the Ruling Family of the United Arab Emirates and has had many government posts; additionally he is also the advisor to a number of multinational companies in the Middle East.

Hon. Dato' Sri Noor Muzammil


Honorary Dato' Sri Noor Muzammil is from a very reputable Malaysian ruling family. Network Marketing is his passion and he joined World Coin Ltd in 2018 as the Vice Chairman. He is an active Executive and looks after the East Asian branch of the business, which includes Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand and Indonesia. Dato' Sri also conducts meetings with East Asian Leaders and promotes business within the Region.

Mr C.A Juara


Mr C.A Juara is Swiss national and directs operations in the EU branch of the business; he is the Co-Chairman for the European continent and North America. He has been on the senior advisory boards for many Swiss and EU companies. Mr. Juara helped World Coin setting up the Global Network; additionally he conducts trainings for Industry Network Leaders. Mr. Juara often Visit UAE office so Leaders and Investor are welcomed to meet him.

His Excellency Saeed Abdulla Saeed Rashed

Co Chairman

His Excellency Saeed Abdulla is a Senior Emirati Businessman and Ex-Government official. Mr. Abdulla is educated in the United States of America. He is also a senior advisor to a number of multinational companies in the Middle East. He supports the Middle Eastern branch of the business.

Mr.Hadi Rustam Kamal

Chief Co-ordinator

Mr. Hadi Rustam Kamal is UAE national, and has worked for many UAE government departments. After retirement, Mr. Kamal joined World Coin as the Chief Coordinator. He was educated in Dubai, and is quadlingiual in Farsi, English, Hindi, and Arabic.

Mr. Venkat Yellaula

Director Of Technology

Mr. Venkat Yellaula is of Indian origin and a U.S Citizen that lives in New Jersey. He is a seasoned talent acquisition professional focusing in Information Technology with two decades of experience. Started his career as a TA in Singapore in the year 1998, held various roles in Global Staffing and IT Services firms including RCG, Experis, and LTI. Mr. Yellaula helped to design the WorldCoin blockchain and the network marketing system. Additionally, he supports World Coin in matters related to the technology.

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