We have spent an enormous amount of time developing the training programs that suits very best to everybody and represents one of the best opportunities that have ever been offered to you.

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Our primary goal at World Coin is to help train and educate individuals who are interested in Crypto  Market. Our training will help guide those who choose to explore this dynamic market on a step-by-step basis, making sure that they will be well prepared and familiar with crypto trading knowledge, techniques and tools before venturing into the crypto market. Those who take our training will quickly learn how to use coin trading exchange software, helping them to understand the crypto market and raising their confidence before opening a real crypto coin trading account. We aim to provide our clients with fast, easy, straightforward, user-friendly access to the crypto market. Our website has been carefully designed to help individuals who want to know all about Crypto trading with prospects of achieving success.

(5-6% Monthly)
(10% Each Sales)
(10% of Total Income)
(10% Each Pair)
Returns on Gold Investment Plans(ROI)

With as little as $100 you get ROI (Return On Investments) highest in the world as gold rises around 5-10% monthly. Depending on International You get guaranteed ROI on physical gold.

Investment Plan Amount Duration
STARTER (1g) US$ 50 24/Mo
SAPPHIRE (2g) US$ 100 24/Mo
SILVER (4g) US$ 200 24/Mo
GOLD (10g) US$ 500 24/Mo
PLATINUM (20g) US$ 1000 24/Mo
RUBY (60g) US$ 3000 24/Mo
DIAMOND (100g) US$ 5000 24/Mo
WHITE DIAMOND (200g) US$ 10000 24/Mo
SUPER DIOMAND (500g) US$ 25000 24/Mo
SUPER CROWN (1000g) US$ 50000 24/Mo

Investors who wish to buy these crypto Assets will have a variety of packages to chose from ranging minimum of $50 to $50,0000, against which they will be given the same amount of 24 carats fine Gold on our own crypto assets Exchange.

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