Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What is an ICO and is it legal?

ANS: Despite walking and talking like traditional stocks, ICOs have so far largely avoided serious scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commissions, Governament regulations, the federal agencies that regulates investment markets. Many blockchain startups are international and anonymous, even domains owners are hidden—which can place them out of the SEC’s purview. That lack of oversight is another reason so many scams proliferate. In any Law or country its not legal and its 100% scam, its not listed in any Exchange market, not available in any countries financial markets. FACEBOOK ANNOUNCED IN a blog postthat it was banning cryptocurrency advertising from the platform entirely. The company said that many ads for cryptocurrency investment opportunities, like initial coin offerings, were “not currently operating in good faith.”

Q 2: Does World Coin launching any ICO?

ANS: No, we don’t believe on any ICO, we started Pre-Sale of Cryptocoin 999.9 fine gold in February 2018.

Q 3: What is cryptocurrency?

ANS: THE CRYPTOCURRENCY WORLD, with its volatility, is all about FUD—fear, uncertainty, doubt. And nothing is generating more FUD right now than an unusual currency called cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is ripe for scammers because it’s relatively new, backed by tons of hype, and involves complicated technology. It’s easier to dupe someone into investing in your ICO in 2018 than your fake real estate business—and plenty of people have.

A cryptocurrency startup only needs a swanky website and an official-looking white paper. There are also plenty of services to help streamline the process: You can automate your token sale, or have someone write fake news articles hyping up your venture.

In Fact there is no Cryptocurrency, its just a fake game as you can not call a number as currency? Who issue this one? Which authority makes it Currency? Who is guarantor? Which government accept it as currency? Some fake news are there in market just to promote BTC and other ponzy numbers.

Q 4: How come Bitcoin Grow so much and how they work?

ANS: Fake YouTube and internet stories like how to become millionaire over night? many fake stories individuals explaining that I bought 20 coins in 2010 and today I am millionaire but if you see him in reality then find he is only a hired speaker and no truth, Look around in your area, in your work place, in your city and find do know any one who become millionaire with cryptocurrency???? There is no millionaire except the management who runs this scam.

Ripple co-founder Mr.Chris Larsen become billionaire in 2017 by selling worthless numbers with real cash $$$, they keep only real cash in banks and none of these co-founder or founder keep any cryptocurrency. Now you guys have the worthless number and Mr Chris Larsen have real cash $$ billions in bank, So who is winner????

The Founders of World Coin can repeat this game as still market is full of FOOLS but we come to save you not to rip you off and bring real business to this dark market. Guys greed make you loose as nom one can become millionaire overnight and you need to work and work hard, its might take few month or even few years but the path is correct. Don’t be greedy and join real business, real products as these numbers ( Cryptocurrency) are worthless and its only numbers for some transaction and if there is no commodity then number is worthless.


Q 5: What is blockchain and is it for Cryptocurrency?

ANS: BlockChain was developed back in 2008 to have secure transactions like non-amendable and secure way but BTC and other gammer using BC to make money and cheat innocent public? How come a simple hash ( combination of numbers and alphabets) valued $20,000 a single BTC it’s just non sense and billions were lost by innocent public as BTC dropped to $8000 from $20,000, there is no owner? No one can complaint? No guarantee no trace? No one knows where money goes? You can not go to any court? it’s not cryptocurrency it’s just a SCHAME, the HASH or key  is just transaction number and have no real value? The value lies with the consignment which is having this hash? Let say you have tracking number of a shipment, Does that tracking number number worth anything? Certainly it’s just number and value is in the real shipment under this tracking number but these scammers selling tracking numbers with no shipment, so these schemers  start selling numbers only? What a joke and what a fool people who buy these numbers ????? Its total Non-sense

Blockchain was never invented to make cryptocurrency and in fact there is no crypto currency it’s a total story to sell worthless numbers

Q 6: Does World Coin selling Cryptocurrency?

ANS: No, World coin Does not sell any cryptocurrency or involve in it in any way. The World Coin and its management consider Cryptocurrency an illegal act and strictly oppose such business.

Q 7: What is business of World Coin? What is Crypto Coin?

ANS: World Coin is selling 999.9 fine investment gold and keeping records in private blockchain by using cryptography. Its not cryptocurrency, its Cryptocoin and a legal and legitimate business as per trade license issued by the government of United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Transaction numbers (Hash like bitcoin) are absolutely free and are used  as transaction numbers only. The real value is solid and physical gold.

Q 8: How can I buy Wold Coin, Crypto Coin?

ANS: You can buy from our dealers and retail stores in some countries and also can order from our supply office based in United Arab Emirates. We also accept all major credit cards etc

Q 9: Does World Coin have required license to do business and is answerable in any court.

ANS: World coin LTD and World coin International PLC are licensed companies and anyone feel any wrong doing can file a suit in United Arab Emirates or United Kingdom. We are transparent and follow government rules and regulation and open to any information.

Q10: Who are the management team in World Coin?

ANS: The Team consist of Industry leaders from Asia and Europe, the IT team is based in India and marketing team is based in London, United Kingdom.

Q11: How can I contact World Coin?

ANS: we prefer you send us email to: support@wcoins.com as we can not handle phone calls of hundreds of traders daily but can support you via emails.